Patient Information

  • Who is best to see for my treatment?
    If you haven't already seen a doctor then we suggest you see one of our specialists. Our sports medicine specialists are keen to see initial presentations in hope to determine a diagnosis, arrange the necessary investigations and refer on to the appropriate clinicians or specialists in house to ensure a smooth patient journey. Often we work as a team and complement treatments between practitioners depending on responses and the needs. We also work closely with a large compliment of global specialists for the more complicated cases.
  • Do I need to see a doctor before a physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractor?
    Not necessarily but it usually recommended that you see a doctor first to ensure you are getting the best course of treatment for your condition. If you book straight in with one of our other clinicians they will provide the best possible treatment and refer back to our medical team if necessary. Certain insurance companies allow up to 5 physiotherapy sessions and a few allow a limited number of complementary and alternative medicine (CAMs) sessions (e.g. osteopathy and chiropractic) without a doctor seeing you first. However, should you not improve then your insurance company will insist on a doctor’s referral for ongoing treatment. Please make sure you check your insurance policy before you see the practitioner to avoid issues should your policy not cover certain treatments.
  • How soon can I get an appointment?
    We endeavour to see patients within 24 hours, however, if an appointment isn't available within your preferred time frame we will add you to our holding list and our team will contact as soon as an appointment becomes available.
  • What can I expect from my first visit?
    You will be greeted by reception who will ask to take your registration details along with a copy of your Emirates ID and Insurance card if applicable. Your clinician will take a full history and undergo an initial assessment. If seeing a doctor for the first time this could involve an ultrasound of the affected area. You will be given a treatment plan, which may include being referred to one of our clinicians for physiotherapy, osteopathy or other such treatment. You will be provided with a preapproval letter (or in some cases sent it after the session) to submit, however you can usually start the treatments before the preapproval is agreed as long as your letter is dated on or before the same day as the treatment session. We currently operate on a pay and claim basis so you will conclude your visit by paying upfront and then claim this back from your insurance by submitting the documentation we provide. Some companies accept a picture uploaded of the detailed invoice, others need a detailed report. Again please check with your insurance and contact us if you need anything additional.
  • What shall I wear and bring?
    Please bring any relevant documents, referral letters and/or discs and present to reception on arrival so that they can take copies for your file and upload any images in time for your consultation. Depending on your complaint, you may be asked to undress to expose the area or examine related areas such as your posture or back. You may also be asked to step into the gym to assess your gait or movement patterns. Hence ideally bring some shorts and a vest/sports bra if you can, but we can provide spare shorts if you need them.
  • What are your opening times?
    We are open every day apart from Friday. Sunday/Monday we are open 07:00 - 20:30, Tuesday/Wednesday we are open 07:00 - 20:00, Thursday we are open 07:00 - 18:15 and Saturday we are open 08:30 - 17:30. We are closed for some public holidays - please check with reception for specific dates.
  • Is there parking available?
    Yes, all of our clinics have sufficient parking directly outside the clinic premises. Should our designated spaces be full at our Sports and Wellness branches, there is adequate parking on the side streets of the villas. Our Jumeirah Golf Estates (JGE) branch has a large parking area outside the main clubhouse. After parking at our JGE branch, one of the dedicated golf buggies will collect you from the buggy valet area outside the clubhouse to take you to the European Tour Performance Institute (ETPI) where UPANDRUNNING is located, just a short, few minutes ride away. If it is your first time at our JGE branch, you can enter the main clubhouse using the right side entrance where the reception staff will direct you to the right place.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Due to increasing demand and our extensive list of patients on a holding list waiting to get in to see us, should you fail to attend without cancelling within a reasonable time, then we shall automatically apply a cancellation charge of 100 AED. Should you call to inform us of your inability to attend with good reason and give us enough time to fill this empty slot with other patients then we can waver this fee. The fee will otherwise apply for any cancellations within 24 hours. Should you fail to attend your appointment without cancelling then you will be charged 200 AED for a complete no show. If you arrive late then you will be treated for the rest of the duration of your session but be charged the full amount.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    This will depend on the complexity of your case and speed of recovery. The number of sessions required will be decided by your doctor and other clinicians. Each individual treatment course is tailored to the patient and each case is different. However, during your initial doctor’s consultation, you will be provided with a referral letter that states the evidence-based recommendation of number of sessions.
  • How long will my physiotherapy session last?
    Your initial session would normally be an hour to account for the time taken to gain your medical history if you have not already seen one our doctors. Thereafter, physiotherapy sessions usually last up to 45 minutes but this depends on the nature of the condition. Some patients benefit from a longer session, which will be discussed and decided with your clinician.
  • Can I have a sports massage if I have an injury?
    While sports massage can help with injury and recovery it is advised that you first have an appointment with one of our sports medicine doctors, physiotherapists or osteopaths in order to assesses/diagnose your injury.
  • Does treatment hurt?
    Generally, treatment does not hurt but sometimes it may be painful. For example, initial stretches and exercises may cause slight discomfort, primarily due to the fact that the body may not be used to such movements. As the body adjusts and adapts, these movements may become easier and pain usually eases with ongoing treatment. Sometimes clinicians have to be more aggressive in their treatment in order to maximise your recovery, but they take great care not to cause unnecessary pain. During your treatment, please feedback to the clinician to make sure your level of discomfort is within an acceptable range.
  • Do you offer packages or deals?
    Yes, we provide discounted packages for some of our services. These include sports massage, Pilates classes, strength & conditioning sessions and personal training sessions. We do not provide packages for physiotherapy sessions.
  • Do you treat children and babies?
    Yes, we do treat children and babies. At the time of booking, please give as much detail as possible about the injury or condition. Kindly state their age, so that our team can allocate the best possible clinician for your child.
  • Do you provide XRAY, MRI and ultrasound scans at your clinics?
    We have the most advanced ultrasound machines on site set up specifically for our specialist sports medicine doctors to perform dynamic musculoskeletal scanning. Should your doctor decide you need an XRAY or MRI they will provide you with the necessary documents for referral. We have preferred providers that we work closely with to make sure we get the best imaging in the optimal time scale, hence we have a few preferred providers that we work with and liaise with to avoid unnecessary delay. The center may also vary depending on your insurance policy in hope to encourage direct billing where we can. If the imaging is an emergency then we may access emergency appointments through pay and claim rather than direct billing.
  • Do I need an appointment for Pilates classes or can I just walk in?
    We kindly ask that you make a booking for our Pilates classes. There is a maximum number of participants depending on which class you are attending, in order for each individual to gain the maximum benefit of attention from one of our Pilates specialists. You may pre-book a package of classes in order to save a slot, or if you prefer you can book them individually.
  • What do I need to do after my treatment?
    Some patients will receive a home exercise program from their clinician. Others will complete their rehabilitation and continue with everyday activities. If you are unsure how your rehabiliation is going post-visit please contact the clinic to schedule a review consultation.
  • What are the 14 Dubai districts referred to on your contact form?
    The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai has identified 14 districts across the Emirate. Each of these districts contains a number of communities, as shown on the below image. This new system is being rolled-out across Dubai in the build-up to Expo 2020 and will complement Makani geo-address numbers to provide an effective means of identifying your location. To align with these systems, we ask you to select your residential district on our contact form and we include the Makani number of our clinics in the address details at the bottom of the page. For more information, please read these articles from Gulf News and Khaleej Times.