The benefits of regular Chiropractic care

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Dubai, UAE- If we have a well-balanced diet, keep hydrated, exercise regularly, sleep well and have a positive mental attitude, we should function optimally on a daily basis.

Our DNA takes care of these processes through signals in the nervous system. Having the occasional health check can further enhance our existence by reducing the chances of disease happening. There is more evidence via research that suggests our autoimmune system is controlled by the nervous system- which makes sense because when people become stressed, they become ill.

Life, however, can be stressful in many ways, and as a result of “modern” living, we develop poor posture through sitting excessively at work, or whilst we are traveling and even using the handheld devices (Eg- mobile phones, laptop trackpads, PC mouses) every day causes postural changes to our necks and gives put thumbs repetitive strain injury (life was much simpler before mobile devices!). Certain areas of our bodies become stiff and eventually lock up. Twinges, spasms, back pain & headaches are common presentations my chiropractic clinic.

With my 28 years of experience, I know that in order to maintain health and vitality, the muscles and joints in the spine need to remain free of stiffness. It allows the nerves to signal correctly. (Imagine if your computer is not receiving Wifi signals, or if there was a sudden power surge?).

Regular chiropractic care can treat the tight areas and prevent slow degenerative changes (the idea of chiropractic being an “anti-aging form of treatment” appeals to many). Most importantly, being pain-free allows you to enjoy family-time and, with work, you can be happier and more productive.

Depending on your lifestyle, you might find a visit every month or two very beneficial. People who do a lot of sports and exercise may need chiropractic more frequently, in order to stay optimised and prevent injury (as top athletes I have treated knew it was something that was essential for their sport).

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