Osteopath Michelle on treating Babies, Moms and Athletes

Michelle Simms osteopath dubai

Dubai, UAE- Michelle was born and raised in Johannesburg South Africa, and before moving to Dubai a year ago, she worked in private practice on London’s prestigious Wimpole and Harley Medical Streets for the last 14 years.

Her special interests include: Pregnancy and Pediatrics – Assisting couples dealing with multiple stresses of infertility whether going through IVF or not, by focusing on optimizing bio-mechanical alignments and function. Once the little one is here, Michelle treats babies who struggle with colic, sleeping problems, or feeding issues following tongue-tie procedures, and postural checks for both Mom and baby after normal or very complicated birth experiences.

As a multidisciplinary ex-competitive sportswoman herself, Michelle is very passionate and specific in her treatment approach with her athletes with a focus on patient education, as it helps to empower her patients and aids in achieving strong accelerated results, that are most beneficial to her patients.

From her strong corporate experience treating busy executives staying fit and who compete as well, to elite Olympians, all are welcome. Special interest sports include – Triathletes, Swimmers, MMA/Boxing, Dancers and Gymnasts, Formula Race Drivers. Michelle also works very closely with Orthopaedic Surgeons helping patients through pre and post-Neuromuscular Rehabilitation.

Michelle Simms Osteopath Dubai

Worked in private practice on London’s prestigious Wimpole and Harley Streets for 14 years
Michelle Simms, Osteopath