Working as a team when treating sports injuries in children

Dr Anna Dubai

Dubai, UAE. We were again pleased to support the young rugby players of the recent Dubai College 10’s, and as usual, we treated a range of typical sporting injuries.

Worryingly though, we continue to see concussed children who have not completed a pre-season Baseline Concussion Test. This test is vital in helping to assess, accurately diagnose and prevent this serious head injury.

If your school or club doesn’t provide you with access to this screening, please connect us to them. We are asking all parents to support UPANDRUNNING in driving awareness of this important message.

Sports are a great way for kids to improve their physical fitness, learn focus and concentration and develop character. But as children’s athletic activities become increasingly intense and competitive, it’s important for parents, doctors, and coaches to work as a team and set appropriate limits to help young athletes avoid serious sporting injuries.

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