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The Performance Benefits of Understanding Your Lactate Profile

Promoted Post – Dubai, UAE – Dr Ramzy Ross, Head of High Performance & Health Sciences at UPANDRUNNING explains why endurance athletes (from runners, cyclists, obstacle course competitors and more) would hugely benefit from accurately measuring, and using, physiological data to better structure training approaches and increase chances of achieving goals.

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Runners – 7 tips to prevent injury

Dubai, UAE – Most of us have heard the term ‘prevention is easier than cure’ and this is true for many injuries, especially niggling injuries that won’t resolve over time. Below are my top tips for preventing common running complaints:

Understanding and managing common running injuries

Dubai, UAE- Injuries are common amongst runners & triathletes due to the repetitive loading combined with high impact to muscles & joints making them more susceptible to certain injuries. Here are some the most frequent running related injuries I encounter as Physiotherapist at UPANDRUNNING.

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Using Osteopathy to treat Cervical spondylosis

Cervical (neck), spondy (vertebra), -osis (condition)

Dubai, UAE – Cervical spondylosis can be considered a normal age-related process that occurs in the discs and joints of your spine. Very often the diagnosis of cervical spondylosis is an incidental finding on an MRI scan, commonly found in individuals over 55yrs but is often present in younger individuals without any symptoms and without the need for treatment.