dubai fitness challenge 2018

5 tips to make you ready for the Dubai Fitness Challenge 2018

“Dubai Fitness Challenge (DFC) returns for another year to transform Dubai into the most active city in the world. With a month-long calendar of exciting events. DFC is all about motivating and involving Dubai’s residents to commit to 30 minutes of continuous exercise a day for 30 days. “ – Dubai Fitness Challenge website.

“Following its successful run last year, the Dubai Fitness Challenge is returning next month(October) for another round of action-packed activities, it has been confirmed.” – Gulf News. 

neck pain treatment dubai

‘iNeck’ Smart phones and neck pain

Dubai, UAE- Its that time of the year where mobile phone manufacturers  start revealing their new phone models-just in time for the year end season. We love technology and the way it evolves to try to make our lives more fun, streamlined and efficient, both in our personal and professional lives.

heel pain dubai treatment

Plantar fasciitis and high heels

Dubai, UAE- Plantar fasciitis is a common orthopaedic complaint we see at UPANDRUNNING. It affects anyone from those that like their high heel shoes, to long distance runners and anyone that spends prolonged periods of time on their feet.