Ramzy Ross threshold testing

The Performance Benefits of Understanding Your Lactate Profile

Promoted Post – Dubai, UAE – Dr Ramzy Ross, Head of High Performance & Health Sciences at UPANDRUNNING explains why endurance athletes (from runners, cyclists, obstacle course competitors and more) would hugely benefit from accurately measuring, and using, physiological data to better structure training approaches and increase chances of achieving goals.

dubai fitness challenge 2018

5 tips to make you ready for the Dubai Fitness Challenge 2018

“Dubai Fitness Challenge (DFC) returns for another year to transform Dubai into the most active city in the world. With a month-long calendar of exciting events. DFC is all about motivating and involving Dubai’s residents to commit to 30 minutes of continuous exercise a day for 30 days. “ – Dubai Fitness Challenge website.

“Following its successful run last year, the Dubai Fitness Challenge is returning next month(October) for another round of action-packed activities, it has been confirmed.” – Gulf News. 

hydration dubai

What you need to know to about electrolytes

I read an interesting article in the UK’s Daily Mail recently about a lady who ran the London Marathon ( and she’s done four other marathons in the recent years) and she collapsed into a coma a few hours after the event due to drinking “too much water”!