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6 Tips – How to Minimize Cycling Recovery Time After Long Rides

Dubai, UAE . We are well into the cycling season with avid cyclists entering & completing cycle challenges such the Coast to Coast cycle challenge and the Spinneys Dubai92 cycle challenge and Triathlons such as the 2XU and JLL triathlon series. UPANDRUNNING’s Rebecca Monk is our cycling enthusiast Physiotherapist and here she shares her top tips for recovering after a long cycle event. Here they are!

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6 Common Injuries in the Gym – Prevention & when to seek Treatment

Dubai, UAE- Your workout is meant to build your body up, not break it down. However, injuries from working out happen way too often. Let’s be honest: most gym injuries are totally preventable! Here are the 6 most common ones — and how you can avoid them. Dr Ertugrul ‘Erti’ Karanlik – Sports medicine consultant discusses the conditions, causes and when to seek treatment.