Strength and conditioning sessions

Whether pounding the road in Dubai, swimming or cycling long distances – training outside your sport of choice may be regarded as simply ‘extra’, however incorporating strength and conditioning into your training program can pay huge dividends.

UPANDRUNNING’s Justin Walsh’s and Phil Elder‘s strength and conditioning sessions uses an evidence-based approach that will not only boost your performance but also reduce your risk of injury. It’s not rocket science, but to achieve the right results it does require applied thinking and a strategy.  There sessions include –

  • Dynamic warm up
  • Core/balance segment for injury prevention
  • Strength/Muscular development potion
  • Conditioning work
  • Warm down and recovery

Benefits of joining our sessions :

The sessions are held twice a week and are developed for time pressed individuals who are interested in developing their fitness and for those looking at adding variation or cross training outside of their existing fitness routines.  The benefits of joining the  sessions include –

• Strengthen muscles, tendons and bones.

• Correct imbalances and reduce the chance of injury.

• Increased time to exhaustion 

• Increase lean muscle and decrease body fat which allows the body to burn more calories.

• Improve movement economy (the amount of O2 needed at submaximal efforts) 

Your first session is on us! (For a limited period of time & based on availability. For first time Participants of UPANDRUNNING Strength and Conditioning classes only)

Thereafter each session is charged at AED 90 with discounts available when you buy a pack of multiple sessions. The sessions are held on Sunday and Thursday. Want to know more? You can reach Phil Elder: for more details.

Call 4 518 5400 to book your first session!