Runner’s Education Series: The Basics of Athletic Performance and Key concepts

Runners education series_
START: 06-11-2018   18:00  
END: 06-11-2018   20:00  
UPANDRUNNING Sports Medical Center, 675, Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah, Dubai

FREE Runner’s Educational Event: There are several factors that influence athletic performance including strength, flexibility, speed, body control and endurance. Join our team for a special education talk aimed at runners & triathletes aspiring to make gains in their performance this season!

Topics covered:

  1. Chiropractic and Running Performance by  Paul Cheung, Internationally-Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner
    • A demonstration involving a ‘hands-on’ assessment of a participant from the audience
    • Looking for underlying problems affecting human movement related to the spine and pelvis
    • Helping to achieve that marginal gain
  2. Cardio-metabolic Health and Performance  by Dr Ramzy Ross, PHD, Sports & Human Performance Specialist
    • Cardio-metabolic health and it’s link to performance
    • How cardio-metabolic health is assessed- Live demonstration on a bike with blood lactate measures
    • How to use the data to make a difference in a training programme and more.
  3. Analysing Running Patterns to Enhance Movement Efficiency by Jeelna Ruparelia, Physiotherapist, Run Specialist & Certified Yoga Instructor
    • Video-based interactions
    • Using cues and corrective exercises to enhance performance/movement efficiency
    • The role of therapeutic yoga in running performance
  4. Runner’s strength & conditioning by Phil Elder, S&C Coach and Sport Scientist
    • Demonstration of exercises with participants from the audience alongside supporting video examples
    • Discussion of exercises in relation to injury prevention and performance enhancement



Dr Ramzy Ross
Head of Strategy.
Head of High Performance and Health Sciences.
Dr Ramzy Ross

Dr Ross is very passionate on bridging the gap between medicine, health & human performance sciences (such as physiology, sport & exercise science, biomechanics, nutrition) and coaching with a view of providing better health and physical performance outcomes to clients. His often holistic, approach combines the latest in technologies & research, across these disciplines, to health and performance monitoring, injury reduction as well as physical performance enhancement programmes. Passionate about helping individuals & teams deliver in high-performance environments, he is also a strong advocate of the ‘Exercise is Medicine’ approach in order to help people lead healthier lives and reduce disease risk. His experiences range from supporting Olympic gold & World Champion athletes, working with international footballers, providing specialist input into sporting & medical organisations and supporting high-performance endurance athletes

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