Emergency First Aid (including CPR and AED)

14-08-2020 09:00
14-08-2020 16:00

UpandRunning, 675 Al Wasl Rd - Al SafaAl Safa 1 - Dubai

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Agenda for Emergency First Aid (CPR/AED)
07.45-08.00 Welcome, Registration and Refreshments
08.00-08.15 Introductions, housekeeping, health and safety during the course.
08.15-08.20 Introduction to First Aid
08.20-08.25 Emergency management Procedure
08.25-08.35 The Care Cycle
08.35-08.55 Scene Survey
08.55-09.05 Exposure protection
09.05-09.10 Patient Survey
09.10-09.20 Patient Unresponsive and breathing normally (recovery position)

09.20-09.35 Break

09.35-10.15 Unresponsive non-breathing patient, CPR theory and practice.
10.15-10.20 Alternative Ventilation procedures
10.20- 10.50 Automated External Defibrillator (AED) theory and practice
10.50-10.55 Chain of survival
10.55-11.25 Choking, theory and student practice.
11.25-11.50 Control of Bleeding, Student practice with dressings, slings and bandages
11.50-12.10 Management of Shock


12.10- 13.10 Lunch

13.10-13.20 Patient Survey, patient responsive.
13.20-13.30 Epilepsy and seizures
13.30-13.40 Heat exhaustion and Heat Stroke
13.40-13.45 Burns and Scalds
13.45-13.55 Fractures
13.55-14.05. Eye injuries


14.05-14.15 Break

14.15-14.45 Minor Injuries
14.45-15.05 First Aid Kit Contents, maintenance and responsibility
15.05-15.25 Accident Recording and patient Report Form
15.25-15.40 Rules and Regulations regarding the Administration of First Aid
15.40-15.50 Questions
15.50 -16.00 Evaluation Forms



AED420 Per Person



Speaker imgae

Katherine Taylor

Advanced Senior Nurse

Katherine is an Advanced Senior Nurse whose specialities include, Leadership and Management in Healthcare, Teaching in Healthcare, Community Nursing and more. Before heading out to Dubai, Katherine was a Community Matron for 8 years in the UK managing virtual wards in the community and studying as a Nurse Practitioner before moving to the UAE. Katherine joined the Medical team at Up and Running Sports Medicine clinic as a Senior Nurse. She is the Lead in First Aid teaching and has been assessed and approved by DCAS and First Aid international as an approved Instructor to teach First Aid in Dubai as well as internationally. Katherine has worked for more than 20 years in healthcare, and during that time has carried out actual first Aid on clients in hospitals, the community, in different countries, during sporting events and more. She is an Advanced First Aider including Pediatrics and is a highly praised instructor to clinical and non-clinical students.

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