How should you recover from a Sports Injury?

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Dubai, UAE – If you’re recovering from an injury, you’re facing a tough physical and psychological battle.

Accept It

When you’ve suffered a season-ending injury, feeling as if you are in shock is normal. But after a day or two, you have to accept the situation and get in the mindset necessary to start your work to get back on the field.

Look at Rehab as a New Challenge

As an athlete, you are used to taking on adversity and make the decision to view the injury not as a curse, but as a new type of challenge.

Set Short-Term Goals

By setting attainable and progressive goals – determine the time frames in consultation with a Sports medicine specialist

Patience is a Virtue

To recover from an injury nearly so quickly, and the worst thing you can do is rush back into things and risk re-injuring yourself. You want to move quickly, but you have to let your body respond to certain things. Athletes that come back too quick and could get hurt again.

The hardest thing is having the patience and understanding that you will be back. You’ve just got to understand that it takes time.

Stay a Part of Your Team

Even though you are hurt, you should be at every meeting, workout, practice and game. Off the field, hang out with your teammates. On the field, encourage them and cheer them on. If you’re an older player, help the younger guys in any way possible. It won’t just help to keep your own spirits up, it will help the team succeed.

Always Listen to your Doctors, Coaches and Trainers

Trust the people who are helping you with your recovery and rehab. If they’re telling you to take it easy, then they have your best interests in mind. They want to see you back to doing what you love just as badly as you do. And with their help, you’ll get there.

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Our highly qualified team, of doctors, physiotherapists, and strength & conditioning coaches will produce a detailed, tailor-made program of activities for each athlete.

In football when a player is deemed fit enough to return to outdoor training, data allows careful monitoring of the individual athlete, including “the type of movement, the intensity of their runs, the number of jumps and landings so you can identify their weaknesses and work with them to ensure they are fully recovered so we can ensure there aren’t too many blips.

As players approach their return, they often feel a sense of trepidation about suffering a reoccurrence of their injury. They go through a rehearsal process for a month or so before making a full return to action but may still worry about making that final step. Sometimes they need to be convinced that their body is up to the task. Fortunately, the days when players were hurried back into action too quickly or expected to play with multiple painkilling injections that caused long-term damage are largely gone.

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