10 tips to prepare you for the cycling season in Dubai

cycling dubai al qudra desert

Dubai, UAE- As the sun starts slowly to reduce a little of its vigour our thoughts turn to slipping on the lycra and pumping the tyres for a foray out on to the roads!

While we all carefully browse those cycle magazines and wracks of gear for a couple of seconds advantage we often forget to maintain and improve “the engine” which is where we can quickly and effectively create more power and endurance to boost our performance and increase our enjoyment.

While big performance changes need planning, training and investment of time and a little sweat we can minimise initial niggles and maximise our current performance with some simple pre and post ride activities.

The below tips will hopefully sign post improvements applicable to some of those keen returning cyclists or new devilishly determined fresh starters.

  1. Fuel your self properly. Try and avoid to much quick release sugars immediately before your ride to avoid the dreaded “bonk”. Taking complex slow release sugars such as oats and other cereals gives a more even release during your ride.
  2. Don’t overindulge!! This relates to the night before as a heavy meal and excess carbohydrates will not help your long ride in the early morning.
  3. Don’t drink too much. Recent evidence shows that trying to pre-load by taking excess water or rehydration can be harmful. Drink when thirsty not because you think you should.
  4. Simple stretches for your low back and hips will prevent early fatigue and minimise the risk of injury due to muscular tightness.
An injury or niggle holding you back from cycling? Book an appointment with a Sports medicine specialist and get on the fast track to recovery! To book an appointment call 4 518 5400 or click HERE or use the live chat/message function on the website.
5. Persistent issues which cause pain during activity or remain after beyond muscle stiffness need a review from a professional to prevent worsening or converting a niggle to a training ending injury.
6. Start your training rides early (when the temperature is lower in Dubai) and keep them short initially. Your body will quickly adjust to the raised temperature and as you get fitter you can ride longer and faster. Initially better to have something left in the tank. Leaving it all on the track is for race days.
7. Rehydrate post ride. Approximately a litre of fluid for every hour of exercise is needed, more in the heat!! This will help you replace your lost fluid volume increasing perfusion to your muscles and kidneys transporting and removing waste products that cause pain and stiffness.
8. Stretch after you ride, once those muscles cool you will get stiff and tight and if they stay that way, it increases your risks of an injury on your next outing.
9. Ice is a great anti-inflammatory!! Reducing swelling, pain and inflammation with ice packs and cool packs is great for recovery. Don’t use ice for more than 20-30 minutes as you can damage the tissues with overuse. Panadol can help with mild aches and pains as can anti-inflammatories. Recent research has linked anti-inflammatory use with cardiac problems so long-term use is not advised. If the pain persists refer a Sports medicine specialist to get a diagnosis followed by treatment.
10. Enjoy yourself. Cycling is not easy but you are doing it to challenge yourself at whatever level you are. You will get stronger and fitter and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done.
An injury or niggle holding you back from cycling? Book an appointment with a Sports medicine specialists and get on the fast track to recovery!
To book an appointment call 4 518 5400 or click HERE or use the live chat/message function on the website.

Go for it!! You are your own best training partner
Dr. Tom Saw, Consultant Family Medicine, Special interest in Sports Medicine and Interventional Pain Management. PGA Accredited Clinician.