5 benefits of youga during self isolation

5 benefits of Yoga during self isolation

Most clients have reported that they lose track of time with home being their new working environment. Others feel lethargic despite not being as busy as they were a few weeks ago. These new and unknown feelings can throw us off balance.  Therefore setting a daily routine at home can help us feel more in control and make room for things that will benefit our general well being. 
Many studies have found that a little yoga in the morning, at night, or even on a lunch break, can reduce stress and anxiety and increase productivity.
The art of yoga combines controlled breathing, physical exercise, and self-awareness and some of the positive effects on the body can contribute to
1. Improvements in the quality of sleep which helps restore and repair our cells for better immunity.
2. The regulation in cortisol levels to manage peaks in stress levels. 
3.  The control of high blood pressure in those with underlying health issues. 
4. Improving muscle tension especially stiffness throughout the spine and hips due to prolonged sitting on the sofa or awkward workstation set ups. 
5. Building strength and flexibility to compliment other forms of exercise you may have creatively incorporated at home.
There are various styles, levels, and paces of yoga practice but in essence, the body becomes relaxed and energized at the same time, creating a better sense of mental and physical balance.
These benefits give a high payoff for the effort involved, so give it a go and feel free to contact me here at the clinic for any further advice and direction. 
Stay safe and Breathe better. Namaste 
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5 benefits of youga during self isolation
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