Chiropractic care for Cabin crew & Frequent flyers

Cabin crew dubai chriopractor

When I worked in Formula 1 over a seven-year period, I averaged approximately 60 flights a year of long and short-haul.

I know some people who do a lot more! As a passenger, it takes its toll on you due to the jet lag, the long periods of immobility, and traveling before and after the flight just adds to the strain. Not as glamorous as it seems, so imagine if you are Cabin Crew!

I really admire the crew members whose main goal is to make sure you are safe while having a pleasant flight. However, their other duties that go above and beyond the call of duty.

They lift luggage, push heavy trolleys laden with meals and duty free.  While serving the out the food and drink the crew are probably bend a few hundred times during a flight.

They often move in tightly confined spaces and also in a smart uniform which can also restrict movement. They are constantly attending to and pampering to the needs of awkward passengers who can add to the stress!

I have seen shorter in height crew members struggling to push up the overhead lockers shut because they are heavy with bags. It is no wonder why we occasionally see cabin crew for bad backs and neck strains, shoulder and arm pain.


Cabin crew will often stay in hotels on a stop-over before they have to turn around and do it all over again. Constantly sleeping in a different bed and with a different pillow can upset the sleep pattern, adding stress to the day ahead. Other factors like time-difference, cabin pressure, air quality and exposure to different pathogens visiting different countries, and different meal times affect their internal body clock and the immune system.

At UPANDRUNNING, the wealth of experience when it comes to treating the human body is of a very high standard here in Dubai. As a former F1 chiropractor, keeping your physical health in tip-top shape will mean that you last longer and endure the stresses and strains better, meaning less time off work. Good for you and good for the company!

If you are frequent flyer – be it with the flight crew, business or leisure, you will benefit from regular maintenance. I recommend treatment visits every 1-2 months as this can be very beneficial in maintaining your health. It minimizes the stress and tightness that builds up in the muscles and stiffness in the spinal joints. It maintains your flexibility and overall, happiness and well-being. If you are carrying an injury that affects your movement we first recommend an appointment with a Sports Medicine Specialist Doctor who will ensure you are given a definitive diagnosis and can arrange any investigations should they be indicated.

Like brushing your teeth regularly, you prevent decay, and in a similar way, keeping your spine and muscles in order will prevent “decay” in your health. We drive cars and they need maintenance too and depending on the make and model, intervals vary here also. One thing we need to avoid is a costly breakdown through lack of care. So be the best you can be!


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