Cycling – It’s not all about the bike!

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UPANDRUNNING  is the official rehabilitation partner of the Spinneys Dubai 92 Cycle challenge, and having been at the build-up rides, I was amazed and in awe of the bikes that were being used. Carbon fibre, beautifully sculpted in the wind tunnel, gears, wheels and tyres made from exotic lightweight materials to withstand the physical punishment of the road and heat…it reminded me of my Formula 1 days as team clinician, observing the obsession with precision engineering. (Disclaimer- Our friends at Revolution Cycles Dubai are your best bet for cycling equipment!)

Of course, these bits are no good without a well-tuned engine…and that’s YOU!

After the 50km+ blast of the Al Qudra, a lot of cyclists were presenting to UPANDRUNNING’s treatment tent, with the usual sore leg muscles and a bit of low back stiffness. These just highlights the fact that the body is being well-exercised, and if it is symmetrical in the presentation there is nothing to worry about. Nothing a good sports massage and a liter or two of electrolytes couldn’t fix.

However, some cyclists came to us with pain in the left hip or right groin. There were right sciatica, left neck, and right shoulder pain. The root cause was a misalignment of the spine. Under the physical effort, certain muscles and joints became stressed, leading to pain and then inflammation. At the start of the event, everything felt normal but 30-60% of the way, things started to show up. A session with a chiropractor is a brilliant way of getting you functioning the way you should, and improving your ability to train and perform.

So apart from setting up the bike, get yourself adjusted, tweaked & balanced and then you will definitely get the most out of your bike. (For bike-fit advice UPANDRUNNING recommends the team at Revolution Cycles Dubai  And once you “gel” with your bike, it is poetry in motion. Like in F1, if man and machine are in perfect harmony. you have the recipe to be World Champion!

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Former Chiropractor for multiple championship winning Red Bull Racing F1 Team
Paul Cheung, Chiropractor