How cyclists can benefit from sports massage

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Cycling in Dubai, UAE on a regular basis will normally consist of long hours in the saddle. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or new to the sport, regardless of technique or skill level the repetitive nature of cycling will lead to specific muscles and muscle groups being sore and tight.

If the tension within the muscles is not released or treated then it will spread throughout the whole body. For example a tight lower back can cause stiffness and pain in the hip which can then lead to the pain felt in the knee. That’s why it is important to incorporate a regular deep tissue massage into your training routine to:

  • Loosen tight spots
  • Flush out toxic chemicals
  • Keep muscle fibers smooth and loose
  • Cycle pain-free

Benefits of massage after cycling include : 

  • Reduce tenderness after a hard cycle
  • Reduce muscular inflammation
  • Increase blood flow
  • Increases blood circulation resulting in oxygen and nutrients to the muscles reducing soreness and fatigue
  • Reduce the recovery time between rides
  • Remove waste products from the muscle tissue
  • Increase mobility and reduce tightness and restrictions in muscles
  • Assist in relaxation, reduce tension and pain

When to receive a deep tissue massage

It is important to have a massage at the appropriate time during your training. If the muscles are left untreated for too long, then the muscles will stiffen and tighten and more likely to lead to injury.

Before a long ride, event or race – 2-5 days before the event. This allows sufficient recovery time between the massage and the event and will allow your muscles to move more freely.

Following the event – whilst muscles are still sore from the strenuous work, a light, gentle massage can be applied within 48hrs to ease the tension and get rid of lactic build up.

2-3 days after a deeper massage is applied to break down adhesions and regain full range of movement.

For regular maintenance – Schedule a monthly appointment which is a perfect time frame to have a sports massage, in order to keep training regular and keep the muscles loose and free of tension. A qualified Sports masseuse will also advice you on maintenance work that can be done at home in-between appointments.

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Louisa works with athletes to provide pre and post-event recovery treatment, previously working with the Australian Rugby team and Olympic boxers
Louisa Grosvenor, Sports Massage Therapist

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