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I read an interesting article in the UK’s Daily Mail recently about a lady who ran the London Marathon ( and she’s done four other marathons in the recent years) and she collapsed into a coma a few hours after the event due to drinking “too much water”! Apparently, she had 20+ bottles of the innocent-looking water but ended up having a massive seizure which landed her in the hospital for several days.

Now some of the patients I’ve seen here at UPANDRUNNING (for performance-enhancing chiropractic manipulation), have mentioned getting crampy, not quite going the distance, feeling flat after a certain mileage, getting a slight headache (all signs of dehydration due to hyponatremia – low blood sodium). And when asked what do they drink and consume, often it is just water!

We sweat to thermoregulate, and in order to keep ourselves cool, the evaporation of moisture (and convection of heat) from our head and body helps heat dissipation. Some of us sweat “salty” sweat, and when the garment you are wearing has white streaks on it, it is the salt crystallizing on the material. We need to drink electrolytes in order to stay hydrated.

And when I mentioned this to the patients, they said, “What about my kids who play football, basketball, gymnastics, rugby etc…?”. The advice is the same. Drink electrolytes!

You can make it yourself by going online and finding some simple home recipes (often using Himalayan rock salt due to a high mineral content), or using coconut water, or the soluble tablets from the sports shops, pharmacy even the supermarket.

So as the weather gets hotter, stay hydrated with the help of electrolytes!


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