Executive Stress – Office Worker syndrome

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We see many patients that encounter of pain or stiffness caused by their daily routine.

“Ow! I have neck pain and headaches!”

“My back hurts sitting at the desk”

“I’ve been traveling and I have seized up”

“My whole body feels stiff”

These are the commonest complaints in many people in Dubai UAE who are office-based and add the hours of traveling on airplanes, and different hotels, meeting rooms, it takes its toll on your muscles and spinal joints. The problem is partly immobility for periods of time leading to stiffening of the joints in certain spinal and pelvic segments. Even with the best-designed chairs and layouts, they just delay the inevitable onset of stiffness. Your body can cope with a small amount of tension and dull aching, but when you start to reach for the medicine because the pain is spreading to your arms or legs & head, and your sleep becomes affected, resulting in you becoming grumpy, which means you really need help.

As a chiropractor of 27 years experience, I can tell you people benefit from having check-ups, treatment on their muscles and adjustments to the joints. This can help settle the nerves, make you move and feel better in the long-term.

People service their cars for the same reason – to keep it going for many years and prevent malfunction and potential physical (even mental) breakdown.


Patients visit our Dubai clinic and have their back pain, neck pain, or other injury fixed after a few sessions. They then carry on as normal, traveling to work and sit at a desk for many long hours, gradually seizing up again.

Many patients ask, “How do I prevent all this?”

The answer, “Regular maintenance care”.

How does this work? Well, we are all designed differently and have different tolerances to stress and tension. I see patients who need treatment every 3-4 weeks, and some who need it only every 3-4 months. I recommend treatment visits every 1-2 months as this can be very beneficial in maintaining your health. It minimises the stress and tightness that builds up in the muscles and stiffness in the spinal joints. It maintains your flexibility and overall, happiness and well-being. For advice on treating back pain refer here. 

Like brushing your teeth regularly, you prevent decay, and in a similar way, keeping your spine and muscles in order will prevent “decay” in your health. We drive cars and they need maintenance too and depending on the make and model, intervals vary here also. One thing we need to avoid is a costly breakdown through lack of care. So be the best you can be!

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People benefit from having check-ups, treatment on their muscles and adjustments to the joints
Paul Cheung, Chiropractor