Virus Monologue by chiropractor

The Virus Monologue by chiropractor Paul Cheung

Amazing how a microorganism has brought the world to a virtual standstill. I am not sure if it lacks innate intelligence, or it is deliberate in its way to created chaos to maybe, one day, create harmony in the world again. Time will tell. 
As a chiropractor of 30 years, I know that when people’s habits change, it can also create stress in their physical bodies. Coupled with the anxiety of the current situation, pain can sometimes be magnified. With the sudden action of people buying up gym equipment for home use, and doing online exercise classes, pains and strains have occurred in the last few weeks. 
Fortunately, under the strict guidance of the DHA on hygiene control, we are assisting the UAE residents with emergency care at Up and Running! Patients can have chiropractic treatment for their pains, so they can enjoy daily living whilst being at home with their loved ones. 
If you wish to book an appointment and discuss coming to the clinic, please call the clinic on 04 518 5400 or Whatsapp the clinic on 056 829 8173. 
We are here to help. 
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