Dubai, UAE – Research has shown that Osteopathy is a very safe and effective modality of treatment during pregnancy, following the 16-week milestone. Osteopathy believes that structure and function are interrelated and independent of one another. Osteopathic treatments aim to normalize the Mother’s structures as effectively as possible so that the functions of a pregnant woman’s body is as efficient as possible.

Osteopathy helps safely and effectively address, treat, and manage, the most common challenges faced throughout the 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy, namely:

Neck, shoulders, and backaches as the baby grows
Headaches and fatigue related to postural changes and increase in hormones
Gastrointestinal symptoms and shortness of breathe
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Aching sacroiliac joints, pelvic girdle pain, hips, and/or aching legs

In addition, it can be further challenging when balancing diabetes/gestational diabetes, thyroid, or blood pressure issues.

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Michelle Simms is our Osteopath from London with many years experience specialising in effective treatments during pregnancy, post-natal alignment recovery and stabilization, as well as looking after babies after birth. Whether normal uncomplicated birth process or traumatic, Mum and baby benefit positively from Osteopathic specialised techniques such as Craniosacral treatments

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