5 tips to make you ready for the Dubai Fitness Challenge 2017

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Congratulations to you for making the commitment to join the Dubai Fitness Challenge!

The Dubai Fitness Challenge is a city initiative of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council for Dubai Government. Take on the challenge and commit to 30 minutes of daily activity for 30 days 

If you are already in a training routine, you will know what you need to do for your daily quota. If you don’t regularly exercise & are using this as an opportunity to start improving your fitness you may already be getting bored of your daily 30-minute walk and have started looking for new ideas or you may even be starting to feel a few aches and pains that you’re not used to. It’s not easy to go from a long working day to then start including exercise in your day. About those aches and pains… don’t worry, there are a few tips coming up you can use to manage them. 

The American Heart Association recommends at least 30minutes of moderate intensity exercise most days of the week, to benefit from changes in heart and lung health, strength, better mood and of course weight loss. These periods of 30 minutes can be anything you like, and as a rule of thumb, if you are slightly out of breath while exercising, you are working at a suitable intensity. Now, remember what I said about your walk getting boring after only a few days? The other important thing to factor into exercise is that you enjoy what you’re doing. If you are not sure about what fitness routine you might enjoy, there is plenty of chance to try out new fitness activities at the numerous free carnival events that the Dubai Fitness Challenge has set up. Everybody is welcome and there are various enthusiasts waiting to introduce you to something you may never have tried before.

Some of the events

Attendees including – Football Freestylers, HIIT Workout, CXWORK Core training, Flywheel Barre, Hatha Yoga, Bodybalance, Zumba and Superheroes Walkathon and BodyJam workout (for the kids).

SkyDive Dubai Carnival – 3rd/4th November

Burj Park Carnival – 10th/11th November

Festival City Carnival – 17th/18th November

A consequence of taking up a new activity can be the niggles you might pick up along the way as your body adapts to the new movements. If you’re thinking to yourself  ‘I can’t even remember the last time I exercised!’ Here are some ideas to manage the changes your body will go through:

Set realistic goals 

If you feel aches and out of breath walking around the Mall then it’s probably not realistic to target a 10km run within the next week. It’s more realistic to set yourself more short-term goals like aiming for 1km, then 2km and have a long-term date in sight for the 10km. The benefit of this means you constantly feel as though you’re achieving and getting better, rather than getting demotivated when you get injured and don’t reach the 10km as quickly as you would like. If aches and pains are holding you back then schedule an appointment with sports Physiotherapist who will set you on the path the recovery

Mix It Up

For example, if you love to run and haven’t run consistently in a long while then it may not be the best approach if it is the only exercise you are doing. Try mixing up what you do. Look at strength training classes which look at using different muscles to optimise your body’s potential. If you’re not particularly flexible or know you struggle with back pain when overexert yourself then consider incorporating a pilates class or yoga session into your week. At UPANDRUNNING we have classes running which are overseen by Strength and Conditioning coaches or qualified Physiotherapists. They can also be adapted to suit your needs whether you are new to exercise or a seasoned athlete.

Train with a friend 

Be accountable to each other and when one is feeling demotivated, you always have someone to pick you up. Friends will also often notice things about you that you don’t notice yourself. You may not realise your knee drops in when you run or that you shift to one side when you squat. A training buddy can help you to notice changes in your movement that may need assessing by a Physiotherapist.

Listen to Your Body

If you are new to exercise you may expect the odd ache and pain, but if that pain gets worse when you do more of the activity, you may find your body is telling you it doesn’t particularly like a movement or is having a hard time performing something. An assessment with a Physiotherapist can help correct this and teach your body to move in a pattern that is pain-free and avoids further injury.

Enjoy Yourself!

At the end of the day you are doing this for yourself and if you’re not enjoying it, then why torture yourself? Find something you enjoy, it’s much easier to stick to in the long term and you will get to reap the physical rewards in the future.

Enjoy the Dubai Fitness Challenge and I hope you find a new fitness hobby that you will commit to even after the challenge!
Jennifer Rath, Physiotherapist