Ergonomic Assessments

Ergonomics is the technical term for a workstation assessment of your desk set up to optimise posture and health. At UPANDRUNNING Dubai we have a team of ergonomically trained physiotherapists who can come to your office to assess that your desk set-up is optimal for you and your job.

Why do we recommend an ergonomic desk assessment?

  • to minimise overload of the spine, other joints and muscles
  • to prevent sickness for work due to pain or injury
  • to ensure optimal posture and health in your workplace
  • to gain advice on chair set-up and suitability
  • to gain recommendations on additional equipment to assist you to carry-out your job more efficiently

The assessment itself is done using an electronic form that the physiotherapist completes with you during your appointment, which includes pre and post-assessment pictures. Your workstation will be adjusted within the assessment as required to optimise your posture where possible. Afterwards, you and/or your human resources manager will be provided with a report, including pictures, that will recommend any adjustments or equipment required for the assessment findings.

*  Onsite (Office/home) ergonomic assessments are subject to Dubai Health Authority guidelines and approvals, please email for details.

Our ergonomics assessment can help you become more efficient at work
Kelly Robinson, Physiotherapist & Rehabilitation Team Operations manager, Clinical Pilates Instructor, Run Specialist

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