Golf Screening

golf screening

Golf screening is now available through our golf specialist physiotherapists at Emirates Golf Club, Dubai.

A biomechanical screen in golf breaks down some of the key components of the swing to allow us to assess them. From the screen report, we can then target areas for improvement more objectively. Better movement and control can reduce the risk of injury and improve performance.

The screen assesses two main components:

1. Mobility: range of motion (in the foot & ankle, the pelvis & hips, the thoracic region and the shoulders) and flexibility (in key areas including around the hips and the posterior chain musculature).

2. Stability: This includes assessment 0f balance, strength, and control in the main muscles involved in the movement chain

The information obtained from the screen can be shared with your Golf professional/coach and can then be used by your physiotherapist or strength & conditioning specialist to plan a more targeted conditioning programme to improve your game.

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Michael Mefo, Physiotherapist & Golf specialist

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