Hydration & Fueling Management Strategies

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At UPANDRUNNING Dubai our Hydration & Fueling Management strategy takes a wholistic approach to your hydration and energy delivery.  Sweat sodium testing is included and provides an accurate reading of the amount of sodium (which is the key electrolyte secreted in sweat) lost every time you exercise.

The amount of sweat lost, and properties of sweat, can significantly vary between physically similar individuals. Determining your unique sweat profile can help tailor a more precise electrolyte strategy. In addition an appropriate fueling strategy (e.g. calories, carbohydrate and more) can be devised specifically based on your event/sport requirements and your own physiology.

We recommend this test for anyone who has:

  • Suffered from poor performance due to dehydration or hyponatremia
  • Constant cramping, nausea, sloshy stomach, or diarrhea during workouts
  • Not certain about fueling or hydration during training or at your next big sporting event
  • Trains or competes in locations that have extreme temperatures & humidity

The test includes a session with a specialist consultant and you will be provided with a personalized hydration strategy that will have a positive impact on your athletic performance.

You will be advised on hydration timing, fluid options & quantities to consume during training and competitions allowing you to perform at your optimum and focus on achieving your goals.

The Sweat Sodium Testing Service is available for individuals, teams and clubs.

A smart hydration strategy is essential if you wish to achieve your training goals
Dr Ramzy Ross, Head of Strategy.\n Head of High Performance and Health Sciences.

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