Your nutrition supplies the critical building blocks to support growth and repair, health, and wellness throughout your life. Clients seek out nutritional help often because they are unsure of how to take the most natural approach to get their overall health back on track as they once knew it. In fact, we have different nutrient needs at different stages of our life which explains why doing the same thing year after year may not be keeping you in such peak order.

Assessing Your Needs

As a patient of UPANDRUNNING, your nutritional needs are assessed alongside your individuality, lifestyle, food preferences and goals. Sometimes testing is helpful to reveal underlying health issues and supply validated biochemical results to support a swift transition to improved health.

GI Mapping

Digestive health is at the coalface of your nutrient status and this dynamic function is an area of my speciality. We offer the new GI Mapping test to gain an insight into gastro-intestinal function via stool testing, hydrogen breath testing for small intestinal bacterial issues and IgG food intolerance testing. Digestive issues often share similar symptoms but have a different root cause and therefore treatment program.

A Wealth of Experience

I am an experienced sports nutritionist and have worked with a number of youth elite sports people as well as the current Australasian ladies slalom and GS ski champion who follows a vegan diet. I am a past lecturer at the New Zealand Institute of Sport. I have been very involved in the area of childhood nutrition and especially autism spectrum and ADHD, as well as depression and mood disorders at all ages.

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