VO2 Max Testing

At UPANDRUNNING Dubai our VO2 max service allows you to determine the maximum amount of oxygen your body can use during physical activity. This gold standard measure of aerobic fitness will enable you to monitor the effectiveness of your training regime and assist you in future planning and program development.

The test will be performed on our specialised treadmill or bike trainer (You may use your own bike, if not we have one available).  You will wear a heart rate monitor and a mask with an analyzer attached to measure your oxygen consumption. The intensity will increase at regular intervals by speed or incline in order to raise both oxygen demand and heart rate. The test will last anywhere from four to thirty minutes, which is entirely up to your maximal level of fitness. We encourage you to keep going until you can’t go any further. Once complete, you will cool down, hop off the treadmill or bike and go through your results.

Here you will receive a personalised printout of your fitness profile, including your VO2 max score, your maximum heart rate, your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds, and four tailored training zones. This comprehensive analysis of your personalized fitness level, along with recommendations from our sport science and human performance specialist, will help take your training and performance to the next level.

Once booked, we want to ensure you achieve the most reliable results. Therefore, you will need to adhere to certain criteria:

  • 24 hours before testing: no alcohol, caffeine or excessive exercise.
  • Within 2 hours: no food, tea, coffee or cigarettes – water is okay.
  • Prior to testing: complete our pre-exercise questionnaire.

To book an appointment for a VO2 max test with Dr Ramzy  please CLICK HERE or call 04 518 5400


There really is nothing more accurate for aerobic fitness than VO2 max assessments
Dr Ramzy Ross, Head of Strategy.\n Head of High Performance and Health Sciences.

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