Chiropractic treatment

Dubai, UAE – As a patient of UPANDRUNNING, you are assured of top quality chiropractic health care, which is ideal not only for back pain, but also for other troublesome areas of your body. It uses a hands-on assessment of your muscles, joints and nerves to arrive at a swift diagnosis. Then after an explanation of your condition, treatment follows.

On the team is chiropractor, Ryan Davis, DC (Dr of Chiropractic) has worked in an official capacity as a team clinician for Minor League Baseball, hockey, semi-pro football, and collegiate level athletics, however, he looks forward to delivering this same level of professional care to the weekend warriors of Dubai. His primary passions are human movement, pain neuroscience, and patient education.  His interests and skillset most precisely align with the needs of CrossFit athletes, runners, triathletes, and golfers, as well as complex neck and back pain cases.

Chiropractor, Paul Cheung, DC (Dr of Chiropractic), has worked with high-performance team sports in professional football, Formula 1, Olympics, World Games and ocean rowing, and continues to do so. He is well-qualified to deliver deep muscle work where it is needed (kneaded!) and appropriate joint manipulations to optimise your biomechanical function and overall wellbeing. Effectively, your neuromuscular function (body) gets an upgrade!

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Chiropractic works for people who have busy lives with work and raising a family. It is also for those who demand that “extra” in sport and exercise. As an enthusiast or even a world-class athlete, you can maintain and sustain your performance and well-being for longer, and prevent injury.

Chiropractic is biomechanical engineering for your body. Look after it and it will look after you
Paul Cheung, Chiropractor

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