Concussion testing for clubs & schools

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Concussion – Is your club or school ready for the new season?

At UPANDRUNNING we’re taking a stance on protecting athletes and raising awareness about concussion injuries within the sporting community.

Concussion remains a condition that in many cases (through lack of insight or awareness) continues to go undetected. After a heavy knock to the head or suspected concussion, parents often do the correct thing and seek medical advice. However, a confirmed diagnosis of concussion is often missed because at the initial examination the patient and their MRI (if ordered) often present as normal.

For Group Baseline Concussion Testing please email Tania Mayne 

What you should know as a club or school 

  • Annual baseline testing: Did you know that the Baseline Concussion test should be repeated annually for all players aged 11 and older?
  • Pitch-side management of injured players: Do you know how to administer the correct first aid for a player with this serious head injury?
  • Return to play/ Return to school protocols: There are specific tests and assessments that must be performed to clear a player. A sports medicine specialist is the first choice for the diagnosis, treatment and management of injured player
  • Be prepared: Did your child receive a knock to the head last season? We you clear about the next steps regarding diagnosis and management

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Ahead of the new season, all  clubs, players and coaches should be:

BE READY  :  Have your players basedline screed and educated. Contact Tania Mayne for details at

RECOGNISE THE SYMPTOMS : Make sure that your First Aiders are trained to the World Rugby Standard.  The FAIR (First Aid in Rugby Course) is run by Health and Safety Solutions in Dubai

REFER TO THE APPROPRIATE SERVICE: The clinical service used must be a recognised service for the assessment and management of potential concussions.

For Group Baseline Concussion Testing please email Tania Mayne 

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Our team, supported by Dr Ryan Kohler from HeadSmart, run a very effective concussion service. Whilst we never like to see injured children, we are happy to educate parents, schools and clubs with the correct advice and management for the child
Tania Mayne, Physiotherapist & Concussion services lead

To book a consultation, please complete the contact form, selecting the appropriate subject in the drop down box. If you would like to speak to one of our team, please call 04 518 5400.