Testosterone Testing for Active Individuals

Testosterone test dubai

When you should you consider a Testosterone Test?

The Testosterone hormone is commonly associated with masculinity – however, too little testosterone can indicate health problems even if the individual is active and regularly performing in sports and exercise. Testosterone supports traits such as muscle mass and strength and endurance yet testosterone levels can sometimes be suppressed by high-intensity training or in endurance athletes.

The normal testosterone range for men is about 300 to 1000 nmol/L and its normal to see variances in this figure based on your age.  The levels decrease naturally due to age by about 1% per year and can be lowered by other health factors.

Low testosterone levels can present with symptoms of mood changes or low libido or problems in the bedroom department. Other symptoms include fatigue, sweats and visible body changes.

Often relief of stress, reductions in alcohol, smoking and weight can lead to significant improvements. Treating underlying medical conditions can also dramatically improve your profile. Psychological support in some cases can be hugely beneficial.

Rarely testosterone replacement is needed which can be administered as a gel or by injection but this should always be under strict medical guidance after further detailed medical tests.

When a Testosterone test is done, the levels should be checked between 8 am – 11 am. A second test a month later is sometimes needed. Treatment starts with a full assessment of your health and wellbeing and lifestyle.

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