The human body is an intricate and complex system where pain or dysfunction can originate from many sources. Osteopathy is a form of manual therapy which seeks to find and treat the root cause of your pain or symptoms.

Osteopaths primarily work through the neuro-musculoskeletal system, using a holistic and patient-centered approach. Our experienced osteopaths will carry out a detailed musculoskeletal examination in order to determine the cause of your symptoms and devise an individualised treatment plan.

Overall treatment is aimed at removing imbalances and restrictions throughout your body so that it is given the best opportunity to return to optimal function. Depending on your symptoms, treatment may involve soft tissue massage and stretching to reduce areas of tension or muscular spasm, joint mobilisations or joint manipulations to improve mobility in your joints and will usually involve some form of exercise or lifestyle advice.

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Our Dubai based osteopaths have extensive experienced in treating a wide range of conditions and injuries. They may be able to help with many conditions such as: back pain, neck pain, cervicogenic headaches, joint pain, sport injuries and many more.

UPANDRUNNING’s approach means that our osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors, sports medicine doctors and strength & conditioning specialists all work together as a team. We believe that sharing different ideas and experiences across the professions means we can ensure you receive the optimal treatment you need.

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Our experienced osteopathic practitioners will provide you with a comprehensive, skilled treatment that suits your needs as an individual
David Eakins, Osteopath

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