Deep Tissue Sports Massage

Remedial & therapeutic sports massages are available at the UPANDRUNINING integrated Sports Medical Clinic in Jumeirah, Dubai. These are deep tissue (or soft tissue) massages that work on particular areas of the body that have been stressed, applied focally to areas in need- rather than the full body. Sports massage may be incorporated into the treatment plan during the initial consultation or may be administered as part of a longer treatment plan. In each instance, our sports massage therapist will consider your treatment history. 

Sports massage suits athletes who participate in high-performance sports or anyone pushing their physical limits through movement. It also helps anyone who in their daily life has become restricted in their movement.

Benefits are extensive, including a quicker recovery phase, reduced DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and stiffness, improved mobility, and flexibility, reduced muscle imbalances, prevention of injury and removal of waste products by assisting the lymphatic drainage system.

Massage therapy, therefore, plays a vital role in injury prevention, recovery, and rehabilitation. The physiological and psychological benefits make it an ideal complement to a total conditioning program and it is becoming increasingly recognised that sports massage completes a regular exercise routine. It does this by aiding the recovery aspect of training where wear and tear have naturally occurred.

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Lead the active life you deserve and reach your full sporting potential with regular sports massage
Louisa Grosvenor, Sports Massage Therapist

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