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Dubai, UAE – Thanks to recent studies we can put to bed the idea that CrossFit is more dangerous than other modes of fitness such as powerlifting, bodybuilding, Olympic weightlifting or running. 

Research by Moran 2017, Hak 2013, and Montalvo 2017 examined the injury rate of CrossFit per 1000 hours of training and found between 2.1 and 3.1 injuries occurred per 1000 hours.  This is comparable to other forms of fitness with running injuries found to occur at a rate of 2.5-12.1 per 1000 hours.

Below is a great chart put together by Strength and Conditioning Research that illustrates the available data on injury rates, and further supports the above studies.

Injuries do happen

Nevertheless, as with most paths to fitness, the occasional injury can be expected, and when this does happen it’s important that you find a medical provider that understands the demands of your sport.

CrossFit is unique in that it demands both competency and capacity in all of the fundamental human movements such as hinging, squatting, pushing, pulling, and carrying.  Lifts requiring a higher level of skill are then built upon these fundamental patterns.

Like with most paths to fitness you can expect the occasional ache, pain, or injury as you accumulate hours in the gym, but just make sure that you and your medical provider are in alignment when it comes to your needs and goals.

What to look for in a healthcare provider

As a CrossFit athlete it is important to partner with a healthcare provider that both understands the forces and loads associated with the fundamental lifts, and also has the skillset to assess and improve these movement patterns.

Your practitioner should serve as a trusted partner, not a stumbling block, during your pursuit of fitness.  You want a provider that can both work towards resolution of your injury, while also keeping you active in the gym.

Ryan Davis – My experience in CrossFit

I first became involved with treating CrossFit athletes in 2011 and haven’t looked back.  I’ve found that CrossFit athletes are dedicated to moving and feeling better, and this makes my work with them quite enjoyable.

In the US I served in an official capacity as the provider for many CrossFit boxes.  I’ve worked with weekend warriors, Regional athletes, and CrossFit Games athletes.  In 2015 I launched WODMedic, to provide boxes with better tools and skills for assessing their athletes’ mobility, improving movement, and reducing injuries.

Meet Ryan Davis 

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My hope here in Dubai is simply to serve as a trusted resource and partner to the CrossFit community.   Whether you’re injured, or just want to work on your movement and mobility, you can reach out to me at

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Your practitioner should serve as a trusted partner, not a stumbling block, during your pursuit of fitness.
Ryan Davis, Chiropractor