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In Dubai, the running & triathlon season sees many new and seasoned athletes training for races. Even during the offseason, we see would be racers taking up cross training and re-building their training base for the next season.

In addition to training sessions, many dial-in distances to maintain a good level of fitness, endurance and enjoyment. Others will be doing it to beat their personal bests (or their friends’) to prove that they can push the limit time and time again.

As a sports chiropractor, performance gains become a multi-factorial challenge. How can you shave off a few seconds here and there?

Running shoes are a massive industry, driven by what looks good, though manufacturers have paid more attention to detail of comfort and function. Not easy when there are so many people with so many variations in feet anatomy. Our feet are like our fingerprints, even our DNA :  feet are unique to the individual. No matter how much technology has been poured into the design of a shoe, your sensory nervous system will suss out what is best for you. Your feet have many sensors which feed signals back into your nervous system, which then flashes signals into your running muscles exactly what to do. If you are running with a shoe that is slightly uncomfortable, your inhibitory signals kick in, and limit the muscle action, reducing performance. The comfort factor is of huge importance in a running shoe, irrespective of make and price.

If you have a niggle, in the ankles, knees, spine, pelvis, shoulder (basically anywhere), get it looked by at Sports medicine specialist Doctor at UPANDRUNNING because your whole body, as a running machine, needs every cog to work well to contribute to a nice fluid motion. A lot of people have a misaligned spine and run with poor symmetry, so one side gets loaded up with more impact. Chiropractic adjustments and sports massage work can address this issue…it’s a bit like taking your car in to check the geometry (aka alignment) every so often to make sure the tires are wearing evenly.

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Foam rolling is frequently asked about and doing it for a few minutes is fine. Rolling the ITB, or quads, 10-15 times is enough. Professor Robert Schleip, a myofascial expert, said that you can over stimulate fibroblastic activity and cause inflammation and breakdown of your muscle and fascia. One patient came in and told me his hamstring was sore from doing half an hour on the foam roller. There was a lot of tenderness, swelling, and poor activation, and as a result, he struggled to run for 4 weeks until it recovered.

Stretching is alright to do but don’t overdo the static stretching of individual muscles prior to an event or run. Do some lunges, squats, jogging, star jumps, or just to ramp up the muscle blood flow, and stimulate the joint mechanoreceptors. Overdoing the stretching, and massaging/foam-rolling the muscles too much, can sedate the muscle activity. Save it for afterward to aid recovery.

Many athletes know that pain and discomfort is part of training and competing. Sometimes we ignore “pain” at our peril! Flag it up when you come to see us.It is not being “woosie” or soft because you have a great physique and a niggle you want to keep to yourself. Don’t wait until you have inexplicably broken down or seized up! There are many ways to fix your body, and enhance its ability to move better, naturally.

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