The uncommon combination of a Chiropractor and Formula 1 racing

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Abu Dhabi, UAE. This weekend is the final race of the F1 season and each year, having worked up close & personal with several F1 drivers when I was there 2007-2014, there will be massive sighs of relief in the paddock after many months of  global travel, long hours, different beds and being away from home. The glamorous world of F1 is what you see on TV, and it has to be appreciated that behind the scenes, the pit-crew, the hospitality, the marketing and communications staff work really hard to make it happen.

I was Red Bull Racing’s Team Clinician and looked after a lot of people, even those who were from other teams.  (I was the only chiropractor in F1 for many years, and was missed when I was gone). After getting home from a race,  I would watch the race recorded because TV coverage captured every moment.  At the track, I was either in the treatment room or working the pit board for Mark Webber, or out on the track rain spotting. Every second was not wasted, and this was typical of F1; it was all about wanting to be the best, no matter what.

My chiropractic skills was a big part of the F1 Paddock at the time – Vettel had 4 World championship titles, Red Bull Racing had 4 Constructor’s titles and we also made some of the fastest pit stops in the range of 1.8 seconds.

Some teams will be around for a few days after the race, giving top GP2 drivers a taste of what an F1 car is like, and a glimpse into their possible future. I was privileged to help a few of these young chaps (and a couple of lasses) some of whom are now F1 drivers. Physically and mentally, it is a tough sport, but then, Dubai has so many more action heroes in different sports, I am happy to be able to use my F1 expertise in Human Performance to make people better their best!

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Former Chiropractor for multiple championship-winning Red Bull Racing F1 Team
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