Marianne Tafani is an internationally recognised, highly qualified pilates trainer, coach and instructor. Often referred to as a “core-function expert” Marianne’s expertise extends to anything core related, pelvic floor, pre and post natal, injury rehab, lower back pain and sciatica and scoliosis corrective exercise programmes. Marianne offers UPANDRUNNING clients with a range of individual and group pilates classes, which aim to improve core stability, strength and posture.

Marianne also runs post natal abdominal recovery courses and Diastasis Recti repair programmes, which is another area she specialises in. Marianne is passionate about the benefits that clinical pilates can have for people of all ages and abilities. “For me the benefits of Pilates numerous and multi faceted. The most well known are improved flexibility, core strength and posture. But it’s also incredibly effective for general toning, injury rehab and also to help with the prevention of injuries.”


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