Help us celebrate our Ten Year Anniversary For a chance to transform your life

UPANDRUNNING has been transforming lives in the UAE for 10 years! We treated our very first patient on 28th September 2010 and haven’t looked back since. We are very proud of what we have become, the hundreds of thousands of patients we’ve had the pleasure to treat and the amazing team we have in place.

The Dubai community has supported us over the last decade and we want to give something back. So to celebrate the 10 years of UPANDRUNNING we'd like to give 3 worthy individuals the chance to transform their lives over 10 weeks.

This transformation could be helping somebody who has been in pain for too long and needs our help, it could be somebody that wants to improve their performance and get a personal best or it could be somebody that has been struggling to lose weight who can be helped through an effective nutrition and exercise program.

Whatever your goal you can enter the competition simply by filling in the form below and telling us how we can help you.

Entries close on 20th October 2020

What you'll win

  • The winners will receive an initial consultation with a UAR sports or family medicine doctor.
  • From this a tailored and personalised plan will be developed with the aim of achieving your goal over 10 weeks.
  • Your program will include multiple sessions with physicians, clinicians, trainers, coaches and nutritionists.
  • Outside of the sessions a program will also be created for you to follow at home.
  • The progress will be monitored each week and the team will keep in touch to assist along the journey


At UPANDRUNNING we work closely with our clients and everyone comes together as a team to provide the necessary expertise and support to achieve the desired outcome. Your desire and motivation to achieve your specific goal will be a key part of the success.

I have read and agree to the terms of conditions of entry

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