Liam Graham: We love hearing from our Patients!

Taif Clare upandrunning

We love hearing from our Patients! Recently received a note from Liam who has worked with Taif Delamie  and Clare Brown  at UPANDRUNNING Dubai.

My name is Liam Graham and I am a professional footballer playing for Chesterfield FC in England, and I play internationally for New Zealand.

I came to Dubai on the 24/12/16, 3weeks after an ACL reconstruction on my left knee. I saw Clare until 3 months post op and then Taif for 3 weeks after that until I flew back to the UK.

The treatment I received from Clare and Taif was first class. The care and attention from Clare in the first months was very important to create a platform that Taif could then built on with important functional movements to reinforce the strength and mobility in my knee.

I have continued all the exercises they gave me and I am now 5-6weeks away from returning to training. I have received a lot of treatment from different physio’s and trainers throughout my career and Clare and Taif have been some of the best.