Asics FrontRunner Paul Muturi visits UPANDRUNNING

Dr Anna_Paul Muturi dubai

Our team was thrilled to welcome Paul Muturi – Asics FrontRunner who runs competitively in long distance events. Paul has great plans & goals for the upcoming season and his visit was part and parcel of his preparation for success.

After an initial consultation with Dr Anna Zickerman, he met Physiotherapist Kelly Robinson who provided him a details list of exercisesΒ needed to address issues and improve performance. Following this Paul was taken through a complete run assessment where his fantastic form was analyzed and fine-tuned.Β  The 2nd stage of Paul’s visit included a session with Osteopath Matthew Clarke who addressed some of the issues with his back, hips and glutes which is common with office workers than spend long durations seated in front of PC’s. Paul also had a session with Strength and Conditioning Coach Justin Walsh who mapped out a set of movement to address muscle weaknesses and optimize performance.

Paul Matthew Xavier dubai upandrunning

Paul with Xavier from Asics FrontRunners and Matthew- Osteopath at UPANDRUNNING!

Paul muturi justin walsh

Paul with S&C Coach Justin Walsh