Patient testimonial from marathon runner Rachael Bruford


Rachael Bruford is a UPANDRUNNING athlete! The passionate runner recently ran a personal best time 3.33.39 at the Standard Chartered Bank Dubai marathon.  

Rachael who is also Founder and Editor-in-chief of ChasingZest shared the details of her experience with UPANDRUNNING.

I have been coming to UPANDRUNNING for approximately the last two years, initially attending the clinic for physiotherapy to deal with a long-standing issue that was affecting my passion for running. Despite being told by doctors at other clinics that I should never run again, I was overjoyed to find that through physio my issues became much more manageable and I ran three marathons in 2016 alone. In 2017, I trained for and successfully ran two ultra marathons and another marathon. Each time I felt the onset of a problem, I didn’t hesitate to make an appointment. The level of professionalism and care is incredibly high, and I trust the advice given implicitly. Physiotherapy is the kind of thing that you hope you don’t need, but it’s also nice to know that should you become injured it will be dealt with effectively by a physiotherapist whose main aim is to keep you doing what you enjoy for as long as possible.

More recently, I have been using UPANDRUNNING’s services as more of a ‘prehab’ as I train for a busy 6 months of running events. I have been attending the group strength training classes and these have been fundamental in improving the way I run, as well as reducing the risk of injury. I have also been having regular sports massages and chiropractic adjustments and once again have been impressed by the level of knowledge as well as the approachable nature of the staff. With all of the above in place, I feel confident that I am doing everything I can to improve not only my running but my long-term health and physical wellbeing.

The team from UPANDRUNNING loves hearing from patients- We wish Rachael all the success in her future endeavors and thank her for providing us with this testimonial! 

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