Swimmer Shihab Fayez meets Physio Jonathan

jonathan covich Shihab Fayez

Dubai, UAE Shihab Fayez is currently attempting to qualify for the swimming events the Youth Olympic Games in Argentina in October and based on training times – he is in line for qualification. He recently visited Physiotherapist Jonathan Covich complaining of Left shoulder pain for the after being crushed between 2 cars whilst out cycling about 4 months ago where he also suffered a collapsed lung, and fractures to his scapula, acromion and ribs.

Since the injury, his rehab has not been individualized enough for swimming, so we have been working on specific swimming/freestyle and butterfly technique retraining and functional rehab /strengthening exercises, to increase his endurance, and to limit his fatigue during swim training, for which he trains 5 hours a day.

Before starting at UAR he was 2 seconds off his best times in 50m freestyle, and is hopeful that once he returns to Oman after his UAE vacation he will have the tools to allow him to better his times and qualify for the youth Olympics.

We wish him the very best in his endeavors!