What can I expect from my first visit?

You will be greeted by reception who will ask to take your registration details along with a copy of your Emirates ID and Insurance card if applicable. Your clinician will take a full history and undergo an initial assessment. If seeing a doctor for the first time this could involve an ultrasound of the affected area. You will be given a treatment plan, which may include being referred to one of our clinicians for physiotherapy, osteopathy or other such treatment. You will be provided with a preapproval letter (or in some cases sent it after the session) to submit, however you can usually start the treatments before the preapproval is agreed as long as your letter is dated on or before the same day as the treatment session. We currently operate on a pay and claim basis so you will conclude your visit by paying upfront and then claim this back from your insurance by submitting the documentation we provide. Some companies accept a picture uploaded of the detailed invoice, others need a detailed report. Again please check with your insurance and contact us if you need anything additional.

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