We are the pioneers of integrated sports medicine in the UAE. Our passionate team of international specialists are dedicated to improving your health, fitness and wellbeing, to ensure the best patient journey through our fully integrated approach to care. We not only believe in diagnosis, assessment and treatment, but strive to educate our patients to prevent recurrence and further injury. Our reputation has gained us recognition as one of the most advanced, dynamic and trusted sports clinics in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East. Regardless of age, ability or sporting interest, if you are injured or in pain our team of experts can help you get UPANDRUNNING!

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What you need to know to about electrolytes

I read an interesting article in the UK's Daily Mail recently about a lady who ran the London Marathon ( and she's done four other marathons in the recent years) and she collapsed into a coma a few hours after the event due to drinking "too much water"! ...

4 Reasons to seek treatment from a Sports medicine specialist

Dubai, UAE. A Sports Medicine Doctor is a medical practitioner that has completed specialist training in all aspects of Sports and Exercise Medicine and are trained to manage the whole range of medical and physical aspects related to physical activity and sports participation. ...

Chiropractic care for Cabin crew & Frequent flyers

When I worked in Formula 1 over a seven-year period, I averaged approximately 60 flights a year of long and short-haul....

Clinical Pilates

Our group Pilates classes in Dubai provide a general full body workout utilising all of the Pilates equipment including reformers.

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Visiting Specialists

Our visiting surgeons and doctors have extensive experience, and specialise in the major joints and core orthopaedic areas.

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Therapeutic Yoga

This class is the perfect opportunity for you to stop and listen to your body.  These bespoke classes are tailored to provide more attention to posture, alignment, breathe and stability, with the use of props and hands-on facilitation to provide longer lasting effects.

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Educational Events

Throughout the year we host and organise a number of in-house and external educational events for patients, professionals and staff.

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Sports Events

Each season we are involved in a range of sporting events, providing medical and physiotherapy cover to help your event run to plan.

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